maybe i think i am doing this the wrong way well. more like. to excavate this artifact will take more than ten blogs worth of digging. maybe more like


however! not a waste but more like scaffolding. if you could imagine this as a kind of easel, in which the circles of paint–all the colours of my minde–are gathered as individuals with only a few centimeters of directive between them. to mix them is chaos to mix them is necessary.

Witness!: hahahahaha thats what im talking about. turns out this particular tapestry of the digitarium is for exactly one thought cretin only:::: me.

it is a painting painted only for the painter. however, who am i to deny (anything to anyone) this if someone really wants a look into what is a maelstrom of confused chroma, like a technicolor ship in a technicolour storm. that is this painting; simply a painter, i will not deny anything to anyone for—>

the only electricity that electrifies the Miracle is Love. Witness!: do not forget.

i have written hundreds of thousands of words in my years as Brian. ha! it is perplexing//wondrous to reflect ruminate contemplate examine how exactly paradox is the nature of this reality, the impossible truly impossible lengths god has gone to ensure only Bliss, only Freedom to all things–pulsing with the will that is Life, or moved by the machineries of the cosmos, inanimate truly everformless perfection. the star the sparrow the nebula the tempest the root beer float

the cute girl the mean girl the gangster the seven million northern stars, its one hundred forty thousand temples to fantastic sleeping beings light years across. these things well, they only exist in my thoughts oh yes. but-

do they? existing. and existing only within imagination. honestly, with an endless creative principle as the Lord, and Time with its Huge Open Mouth consuming all things: what is the difference?

witness- all things exist. anything you can think. it was or will be or is. these VERBS of TENSE are SUBJECT to ALL THINGS upon which they are FOUNDED. that means language, a stone upon the civilization stone, up the stone which is our existense as a lifeform. anyway. it is helpful to always remember that the program running reality–for there must be one, right? do you argue? (please argue)–is not subject to the systems of said Fabric. it is beautiful it is wonderful is fractals forever and offers only freedom in its most fundamental, primordial form, this is our world of worlds and worlds and worlds!

Witness!: do not limit the Creative Principle, for sssssssshe does limit you.