ha! listen i am new to this blog thing i no little to nothing about it:

hey look at my stupid white piece of paper looking stupid page! for example

this blog is not easy to find. there are no links to it anywhere? i have not commented or followed one other blogger ever? so who are these people!

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C :

so i checked these blogs out a bit: discipline. i am the strange worm. crawling along and heres this interesting cave of mushrooms that glow and promise perceptions. the walls glisten, this fungus life, its fluffy tops, are a dim rainbow eclipse.

as a worm i smell this all of course. i smell colours! and sounds! Witness!: thou art t– nm.

these mushrooms, this perspective on discipline. i munch a few of course i am a WORM!

i come down on that bitch–bitch please–like a hammer. ah but hey these mushrooms are so right(eous)! you do need that discipline.

it is the truffle oil on our pizza of life! sprinkle that shit in and suddenly the room looks crazy like a black velvet hurricane with novae and planets and stars sizzling past, (its super-dark! you cant see your nose anymore! (thats how you know its dark)) and you are king of all-under-heaven, a living crown of neon coral (god is a sea of bliss understand) the trembling effulgent superstrings of reality curled in your fingers

anyway, this is what discipline can do for you. witness what are these creations of mankind? they are of terrible power! all things. the axe the flying machine. the machine gun, the parka!

the spear of ahab. the moon walk and the Moonwalk.

“Dance with me, under this Architecture o my darling, Crime.” said Dance, asmoulder in her red silk, in the night wind, in the Jazz.

Crime tipped his Vanishing Hat and begged a pardon. “Ah, tis language upon which you swirl. Language also! We are creations of the Human! we have been made we are manifestations of their confusions so embroiled and envined within the creative principle’s’ endless jungles!” He threw his Hat down and disappeared in a great puff of cinnamon smoke.

“He is very bad at conversation,” said Language, with Laughter, “he meant to say: through discipline, a form of perseverance, your creations have expanded to include Concept herself. Remember.”

it took discipline to create the glorious things like airplanes, pixels, vanilla soda and nuclear warheads for bows and arrows. oh yes, and yet~

discipline chosen as a characteristic you want to assimilate directly, you will encounter a chemical resistance. no: love is needed first. You must be doing something you love, and the discipline slowly blooms forth like late autumn flowers. what i mean is: it is the passion inside that has driven the greatest acts of man. that fire of I MUST! WINGS! ELECTRICITY! FLIGHT! passionate desire for the frontiers of experience has driven progress. if *suddenly one day you say: i am going to read this book! then *suddenly one day you picked up a book with the intention of reading it and failed. i understand the holomovement is fraught with distraction, but witness!: do not let the wheels and weights and spyglasses of society barnacle all over your dreams! never!

i say follow the passion, feel that love like a magnet pulling on the energized ferrous nature of your blood. its out there; your dream. discipline will come easily if you are truly inspired, and ha!~

the world will shape itself around you.  –gold, riches, glory, diamond waterfalls of honey and rosewater, and clouds full of sexy giggling aereids– all overflow from the thousand hands of God; sHe is just waiting to pour them on the faithful. just look at me i have five whole followers! ~i cant even find my own page srsly

but there is peace//energy for me here, writing this. i love it so here we are.

Quintessence: love is the arrow, the direction; discipline is the glow of the glowing mushroom! in this cave, virtues they are delicious. The Light is the Gravity.

wow i am no help. but! so fun~