Grammar is an important pillar. Together with its tantamount sister pillars (pillar syntax, pillar diction, pillar punctuation, pillar etc.), we might build a proper temple from which to express It, our written and/or spoken Thought!

Without proper grammar, sentences can confuse and frustrate the reader, and although many writers–waxy with experimentation, a box full of colored pencils–will invoke creative license in their defense, it is not enough.

k but

Pride seeps into people like rain into the soil.  From their skin and eyes grow the annoying trees and ferns of judgement! Those who preach from on high the commandments of this or that under the pretense of instruction, I suspect it is

a strange twisted bush of Pride! but seriously don’t seriously take grammar so seriously, for it is not only the Rules that are known and loved, but also the Not Rules!

perceived through the anthropomorphic lens, with dreams of illumination//ttruth–

Witness!: Grammar is a sexy librarian: in a quiet voice, she will tell you how to walk the Library/Labyrinth; she will tell you of this book that book, where it goes, why it goes; she will whisper of adverbing verbs proper; she will imperially expound the Form and the Apparatus so convincingly!

yes. however! beneath the tweed and hushery, a prowling vixen awaits. long legs and high heels, a six-foot hourglass with books held sensuously to her effulgence, eyes smouldering within horned rims, eyes deep with wishing, yearning with heat for (s)he that approaches with creative’s touch: She begs to be-

known fully. touched, pressed, forced, broken, loved, dominated, pushed up against the nonfiction hard(covers), so close its one hot breath (like wine and ink and raspberry chocolate) between you, and sssssqueezed. ssssqueeze out her restrictions, her correctitude, until she moans deep greens and floating infinitives–whisper in her ear something so she drops her red pen in faux shock–

she begs you.

Grammar faithful is her day job~
Grammar unbound is her Night Life.