-once you see god always, in all things

moving through All is her ~ she sees you looking~!

she loves you. 

now you are walking the creative


even the sage fears.

before his eyes: the greater darkness

even the golden among you! horror!

truly is our world (in worlds of worlds)

it is one of terror and sadness

cruelty. oppression. we are the choir. we sing the requiem of loss.

evil is the witness of truth

a faithful one even.


and yet,


god does not abandon.

she hums through we the fabric

all the fabric understand! the enemy, his very bones sing with the light of the Lord

know that it is bliss that erupts forth existense

in all its lovely and horrible forms


she only knows of you. you are her only friend her only cherished thing in all the world.

when you cry she cries. when she laughs she throw her flowers in the air!


she will die for you. she will suffer always for you and no evil you do no terrible act

will she not forgive

this is god. she trembles beneath the sand and the fire.

the grace and hunger of the beast

the glass//beauty of snowflakes

she glows beyond the sunset

and and and-

she will not let you go. no matter what