here is my explanation for evil.

the universe is created. the nonbeing, beyond matter and time and also logic: agreatoceanoflightyetnot–from one of her many millions of hands erupts forth It. It, which, allowed its cosmic freedom (this the Ultra-Uterus of Things Upon Things!), would slowly become we. We. in a blissful, hyperchroma supersoup of stardust and almostgold, over many billions of stirrings, we become We.


very important!: all things in this reality are allowed by reality always its freedom. always. she never takes it from you, she does not stop you. and she will not because god!. and has proven it in the inquisition, in the holocaust and everyday murder and government sssstrangulation.

freedom is a real pillar of reality. it is one of very, very, few pillars (how many pillars need support the emerald dreams of the world-dragon?) … (           ) all things have their complete endlessness and limitlessness (limitlissniss!) guaranteed by the lord. so dust can become stars and annihilate its own planets. sure. meteors can spin idiotically from primordial space and kill really cool things like uh

trilobites, and large ferns. and the demon lizards! (she: k bai)

and along these exquisite harpstrings of matter and space, the Will itself emerges. it begins as moss and ends at ape. then it goes on, allegedly!, until hey we have humans.

a human being is special because we have the thousandpetaledlotus planted firmly in our heads. it waits there attempting to bloom cryptic lightning back to the Algorittttthm but usually it dies, a dusty fleshy nothing. this is our self-awareness. animals are awareness. we are aware. right? this leads to our creativity, which often leads to acts, Acts who gave birth to Her, the genius//mystic, Evil.

Evil is the most faithful witness to Truth. from Evil, men learn about themselves.

god simply laughed! and cast her smokedice into the bowl of worlding, and nebulae and yellow dwarfs and precambrian age, it all just rattled on the fuck out. from these dice, the number human was rolled. the freedom was given for us to be created, so!

we are given the same lllimitlissniss as everything else. the witness revealed, for with this gift–never exploited, not by the star nor the starfish–we go ahead and kill everything, everywhere, as fast as we can. pretty much.

ah but that is okay. because safety, because happiness, love, warmth, whatever, these are not pillars of the holomovement. But Freedom, truly that is a pillar. therefore, we can logically reason what we have always known: we are responsible for evil, not god. 

i mean you could curse her for the Machinery itself, but that is superlame! it is the blood, the sun, and the sunflower. attachment to such a flower is the seed of suffering; thus, when that flower is burned and crushed, (and it will be! screams Time_theMouth) you mourn it. Witness!: it is always lovely, it is the loss you mourn.

that is the idea anyway. i can’t do it. when desire rises from the waters, i look at her and know i will not succeed. anyway~ 

this wormhole goes on down, and down, down to the very mushrooms of human destiny itself, glowing indistinctly and purplish one million years beneath the figment/earth. we, nay We shall sniff, and dig, and graze! graze that fucking mushrrrm.