flowing as silence through the night sky, he encounters her.

she, the dreamer dreaming on her sibilant clouds, she asks: is this universe infinite or not? it is very vast regardless, and we are so very small, tiny, sub-figment small. Y?

he: it is cold here, girl.

she: i am not impressed by the cold.

he: the universe is probably not infinite, but it does expand. emulating the Impulse Himself, To_eXpand, it moves outward at great speed. i believe all cosmic objects drift slowly away from all other objects. inexorably, all the stars and planets crack and die, their material too distant to cause new reactions. the great spacetime dissolves to a blacksand beach, stretching endlessly, the darkmatter waves ebb and flow, our sigil-sand legacy of all is etched. obliterated.

this is the long, dark, blessed peace of the universe in repose. hundreds of billions of years of blissful silence.

maybe! haha

as for us in the verssse: remember that reality is free, and thus the conditions needed to breathe forth life are impossible odds! life is especially oh so delicate and rare. it is the rarest element of all! the slightest touch from a red giant, a loving  caress from she the solarwind would annihilate it. it takes a many thousands of galaxy superclusters for life to occur naturally. even one time! there is more life out there, but it is very far away. very. as the weird things we are, lifeforms need a lot of space between. indeed, our civilization is a great witness to its vital importance.

but never forget, lovely cloud girl!: we are the precious things of god. we are, thus she is never lonely, and her thoughts are loved. 

she: you talk a lot.

he: you remind me of her, she floats also, in many millions of lotuses upon the quantum cirrostratus.

she: weird so anyway~ even more perplexing is why? why are we? why the energy//time? boy! i understand what is existense: is maya. but Y is existense?

he: the void-plenum is she indeed~

she rustles giggling beyond infinity~


yet~ a mere flash! of the cosmic creative in her true form will disintegrate the universe, not to mention our dumbass.

she: boy!

he: not to mention my dumbass. thus we initially experience this infinite reality finitely. in bursts. in the fleeting. time is the eggshell. we experience beginnings-ends, lifes-deaths, until we are ready.

she: beauty as a flower is much prettier at first than beauty as a concept.

he: how true your words are! (she is smug she is cute) once the final limitation is removed from the mind, the thousandpetaledlotus shoots forth and blooms the song of eyes. she is no longer too sexy to behold. you see her at last naked, laughing through the supernovae, the peace of untold eons of stardust and silence in her eyes, her supple body bright with the seeds of burning young stars. in her many hands whirls bliss. shining. in ecstasy, arching her back, she laughs forth the new forever. in her long hair, flowing as silence through the cozmik skky~

we live.

she: maybe