let me tell you about this night holy shit

maybe not always do people perceive as the grand adventure of magic + terror + you it is but i did

so right now life is challenging already. picture i am earthbound, hit by a comet shit is real/ shit is real fucked up

there i am driving this spacecraft towards the cirrus docks and im entering the atmosphere. it is a moment that concentration is required.the ship is shaking. my rolled tungsten plating glows orange. hold that wheel check dials oh god buckle seat belt seat but the seat belt is a beam of moonlight what

o shit, (that was too big. of a hit. you are so fucked because)

people even pilots cant fly a damn thing, when the steering wheel is a rainbow, his hands pass right through it. the dials are red and loud but clouds everywhere, little ones, with many cute little flying creatures you know

hopping about. laughing. pointing at all the consolethings melting into hot orange jam

panic. the great paralyzing fear of all negative manifestations are inbounddd. shit. thats me. what being shoots the #superdreamgun at me now don’t you know i fly a ship full of bombs!

what the fuck am i doing!~

~yeah man says the unicorn. this was not your best idea, considering you are flying a ship full of bombs. this time.

i was very scared. the sky was heavy and slippery it was making me dizzy. paranoia spread hers tentacles in their many thousands. i see all the ways it goes wrong i am devoured and i kill the sixtyfivethousand people with this thing

oh god.