i know the deep truth,

i know how its sounds. rash and bold it is, to say i know the very end of searching: the meaning of life. the nature of reality. the origin and dissolution of the universe. god. magic. science. every Gear of the Divine Machinery Herself. i have learned, through my life, the all inclusive theory that answers the ultramystery of being human: who am i? why am i here? what is this place? how do i be happy?

i know the answers to this. i really do know them.

ha! you laugh, inside. who the motherfuck is this spoiled noone//nothing boy motherfuck who with great arrogance contends to know the secret of all things! no way. hes bullshit and he just wants people to read.
well: is it working? are you intrigued? haha nah i do really have a huge head though.

but it must be possible for someone to know, so why not us? why not right now?

we weren’t put here to be confused, and labored, tormented, punished, bound in ignorance, until we are each uniquely killed by the world hammer. no! our destiny is the most incredible destiny of all. it is the most amazing wonderful beautiful fun magical destiny there is. i promise. there is nothing better than the truth itself. religions and sciences and philosophies have #wetheliving very lost and apopleptic with perplexing complexity we don’t know the star from the starfish anymore~

maybe with these words as cloud raft, we can together float east through the vast red and black sky of ignorance, and reach our new sunrise within.

i am not the only one who knows this thing. a few thousand throughout the #millionyears also knew the what//why of #all. i am just one more. i know in my heart that i can help others understand in a way many cannot, for i am unbound and unmotivated by (conceptual) divisions and desires like religion race science culture government reward punishment god hell popularity success failure life or death! ill just tell you. i mean ill just like tell you straight up

it really doesn’t matter to me what these words mean to you: they are already the very meaning of my life. they are why my heart beats. they are everything to me. i must write them. to not write this is death for me. i believe everything i say with absolute conviction–but its cool if you dont! shit! only read if its nice and fun and helpful like a djinn oasis in the desert. damn. i am not tyrant with sharpened words shooting violently from my mouth like ninja stars~

if you know what i mean. i like you so ignore me if you like~

i just want to help. here the words come. the oncerain is a nowriver flowing down the alwaysmountain. thats me. thats this. i hold a truth inside, and she is hot and vibrating and yearns to be shouted across the multiverse, like an angel’s song from the top of the heavenspire. and if you listen at all, great and wise and intelligent being, you honor me.

if this really is the golden rule within the golden rule, then the glow withstands the hammer of skepticism, endures through the forging of hostility and argument, and is revealed cheerfully as the very heart of god. for all the grand questions can be answered. and i will make it as much fun as i can! like balloons and peacocks! and pizza and chocolate shakes on the beach! like a splash mountain super soaker fight and whatever the hell else bouncy castle made of ice cream floating on cotton candy clouds in the sky! hell yeah bitch~

~but first: i want to say to you, reader, reading this now, looking at these words, i want to say i love you. i really do love you. im so happy you are alive, and here, and im so grateful we exist together. you are an amazing, intelligent, caring, honored being. i know you are great, i don’t ever need to meet you to know that, so magnificent are you. and nothing, no act or thought or word or terrible terrible unforgivable sin can ever, ever take away that from you. you glow in the dark. always.~

life is a difficult challenge, gaddammit. we have our pain, our bitterness, our regrets. they burden us. for many, life is simply endured, like torture. but! life is not about suffering; it is the sunshine itself. you will be free of all sadnesses one day. i promise. your fate is greater than becoming the wise immortal god of the sun! and rain goddess together! rulers of the nine million worlds, holding the 24,000 divine tranformations in their eyes, whole planets covered and shining with their vast wealth, loved and celebrated by mermaid kings and the elementals alike. ah, but your fate is much greater! than even this. and there is no need to worry~

and also no pressure! no pressure whatsoever. please, for real tho if you say fuckoff then fuckoff im gone. i want nothing from you, not even you to listen, or agree, ever. look, take what you like, leave what you don’t. that’s perfect. what am i some tyrannical fruit tree who angrily shoves its oranges down peoples’ throats? get real. i just grow. there. and: if you think i’m pretty?

you’re right. I am.  exactly as pretty as you.

i only have good news. i didn’t really think that would happen, but how wonderful it is! the truth is good news! if you approach life scientifically, you will not be upset. if you believe a religion, its cool! i would never argue who’s right with you or something, maybe you’ll see what i mean in time. it can be explained in any way, through any medium, using any concepts you know. Religion? it is helpful, for some!, but not necessary. Science? helpful, often the most helpful, but also not needed. God? a useful word and concept, like Love, for explaining, but also unecessary. words? useful now because we think with, and are addicted to, the ink, but even the ink is not needed, and ultimately irrelevant.

there is nothing to fear. i already love you. so does this universe//god//energy. everything loves you. every rock and river and bush and mountain wind and field of flowers think you are the shit. and this love cannot be lost not ever. and surprise:

i wrote this just for you.

okay first question!

how did you learn all this?

a lot of reading. reading in a comparative mythological//religious way. every culture and religion has great wisdom, but they share certain ones. almost like, how all fish share 50% of their genetic code with each other. you take that 50% from culture//religion, and you see which of those wisdoms are contained within, or are consistent with, society, human nature, family dynamics. you end up with 10%. that 10% is then help up to the world itself, nature, trees and frost and gravity and everything in between, the very pillar theories of time and space, and you get something like:.01%. oh, but it shines, like a newborn star. it shines as if it is the only shining thing in all of reality. and it is.

it is impossible to describe the truth, its nature its beyond logic. what i hope to do is impart: a small understanding of the nature of the power which created our ablity to conceptualize this power as god. it is called many things: atman, brahman, god, reality, the higgs subquantum energy field, The Way, whatever. i call it #shethelord or god the hot young girl. or the Creative Principle. its name means nothing. names are helpful sometimes, but always unnecessary. for our journey together is epic! and will take us past words themselves. you’ll see. following that .01% is the soul’s long road home.

are there anythings that i must accept for this theory to work?

the reasoning ability of a human being to understand to some extent: that we existish right now, at least well enough to refer to ourselves as apparently doing something. like, to accept an idea like some people like oranges, and some people dont. things like that. that people have emotions. that people think. people would like to be happy. and possibly reincarnation//soul migration. other than that. not really. even the reincarnation thing ain’t that important. i don’t really buy it, but some energy//flow//shift like that is a shiny idea. and maybe, evolution. not the hotly debated one really, but simply: that things change. that a flower grows from a seed in the earth, blooms, then dies. that trees grow tall, and are chopped into houses. that a person is born, becomes a happy child, a lost teen, a grouchy adult who sets fire to houses. they burn down to ash, which blows in the wind and sticks to a bird and is combined with oil to make wings. this change. that all things move and change and become others.

all things are gears. like you and me. thoughts. fear. doubt. time. space. the universe. they are gears! the universe is simply a massive gear in the divine machine, fear a larger gear still. what we are after is the metal itself, golden and beyond all the riches of the six gem worlds and their ruby and diamond gods. and as it turns out, the metal can be named (for now, as guidance), as love. Love! isn’t that just great news?          !!