what is the meaning of life?

ha! thats just funny to even read. my own audacity surprises me. but by the way~

i am honored by you. thank you, for humoring a kid + his nonsense. i mean no harm. these are merely thoughts that help me; i share them out of love. disagree completely if you like!

the answer is sublimely simple: remember your nature. this is the heart of the human mystery. this is the greatest quest. for once you understand your nature, all other questions melt away.

remember your nature. that’s it. your nature that we are a part of this reality. we are made of its energy; we have been mysteriously transformed into being, beings made of matter and blood and skin and brains and thoughts and yet!~ we are still the energy. always.

quantum physics agrees with this perspective. with the discovery of the higgs boson sub-subatomic field, the ultra connectivity of all things and our resultant oneness is scientifically verifiable. the energy that makes you makes me; it forms the sweetness in caramel, the lotus floating slowly across the lake, the lake itself. it is like gold: it can be made into the crown of the emperor, into filigree woven through a treasure map, into treasure, into a row of teeth and yet~ it is always gold. always the gold, always the energy.

so then the question becomes: what is the nature of the energy? again: a simple answer, a familiar one. mankind’s culture//religion engine has labored to solve this mystery, deeply and faithfully, for thousands of years. however, the separation present within us and within our collective civilization disrupts the melody of god. it is corrupted it is confused it is lost.

but worry not! for the answer is easy: we are the big energy. it is you, it is me, it is everything around us, within us; it is time and space and thought, and yet it is not subject to time nor space and cannot be truly “thought”; it is beyond all logic and words, not subject to gravity, death, duality, everything. it is the Source. the womb of reality, it exists–for doesn’t something create all the worlds!– and yet it doesn’t exist at all. but it also doesn’t not exist. the energy is neither here nor not here. this will begin to make no sense at all.


it is said: nothing is, nothing is not; what more is there to say? many people may call this energy god, and thats lovely.but god is just a word, and we journey beyond the gate, to the giggling, shifting divine land where words fail completely. witness!: it is both nothing and everything and yet neither. (do you see?) only the word//concept Love comes close, the endless bliss and peace, the golden sea of love//energy from which all the million realities crest and crash and dissolve like waves.

we are made of the inexpressible. the incomprehensible. the hypermagnificence! she the grand energy.

yet, because she is not subject to space, time, or separation, we are the entire thing. one person, one mountain, one molecule, one unit of the energy is the energy itself, for it does not separate. one unit of reality is all of reality. two from one: this is the beginning of all ignorance, and the illusion that is reality is seen. but one without two is the cosmic truth. it sets all beings free, for they become all beings, and freedom itself.

this is why the wisdom traditions say: you are everything. all things are in you. you are within all things. you are one with god (what is inadequately labeled god, that is. the imperishable reality)

or, like this: reality can be thought of as a dream. a dream of god.

we all have dreams. and in our dreams, we have a body. we have our senses and we touch and smell and see things. and we believe them to be real. we fall, we are chased, we meet people, we feel happy, or sad; we remember we have places to go, we have things to do, and it’s real and important to us. and yet its a dream! there is really nowhere to go, there is nothing to do. we even have memories! about things that never happened! that always amazes me.

but there is no space, or matter, or clouds or flowers in a dream: it is you. just you. everything is you. all the worlds and worlds of your dreaming form out of your being alone; the ultimate nature of every ethereal rock and multicolored vanishing leaf is that it is–secretly–you.

and just as everything in our dream streams forth from us, and is us, just so everything in this reality streams forth from god, and is god. we are dreamed beings dreamt by the Creative impulse, the indescribable energy also known as god. which means our nature is god. it is that big energy. everything in a dream is one thing: you.

and so it is exactly the same in this reality. it is not a complicated matter.

so the meaning of this life, is to remember this. the nature of the energy from which we are formed. and if you truly remember, youll see. you obtain all the four hundred desires and become immortal.

but the knowledge of it ultimately is no good: it bounces right off the armor of our ego and ignorance. this must sink deep down into your heart; it must be chanted (i am the love that reality is), as affirmations (i am perfect, pure, still, infinite). if you do this (i surrender to you, lovely amazing beautiful thing that makes all, i am yours) your ego separation and negative patterns unravel, and you begin to feel your true nature again: clarity, peace, and your magical powers manifest, for the light of the universe is blooming within.

keep going. love yourself, forgive yourself, for you are perfect. and endless! you are bliss herself. you are not the body; that is simply form. like a sand castle. that form will dissolve one day, but it will always be sand. and when the sand dissolves, it is still the energy. just like you! feel your nature, say it within and without, and all your troubles and limitations dissolve, and you remember–and become–the source itself.

and for what you become, there is no name.

maybe hahaha