so! together we explore the gears of the life machine. you ask a question, I initially answer it. then! we smelt it forge it hammer it like a sward or a spork, into a #truthsliver, bright and strong and helpful! and inspiring! for all. this is the real reason of my life.

to save the world to save the world. you and me and all of us. for this is our reality, isn’t it? sort of? the gods that shift and purple the octobers and rainstorms are merely the phenomena of us!

i think how about this: 1000 words per question: what is life. what is evolution. what is god. what is death. what is happiness. why is pain? what is the fabric truly what is it! and so forth.

ask me anything. i would love it. the harder the better. please ask me. this is my way into the #darkforest with #nopath. the one as the tenthousand lies is the beginning, rolling the ten tenthousand into one is the end.

we are always together. you are never alone. i love you. we need each other. the beauty of connection is the exponential nature of its growth. me by myself alone? i am one. but me plus you is not 2, its 6! six. we can radiate the divine light hidden beneath the forms and sounds a #millionfold together.

yes? yes! well, no pressure. but truly, ask me anything: the most difficult question you got: the mysterious thorn in your heart: the plague of your mind: i am listening. ask me, if you would honor me.