yeah. sunsets do they ever intimidate you with their supernal creativity? ugh I will just throw this digital pen away I mean look at it~

and! the sun has been setting foreverrrr; somewhere it is; it never looks the same, and it uses no effort. such is #god. limitless beauty and majesty for us for free always whether sunset sunflower sunfish~

but weirdly people can be bored with them. they were cool once and the orange clouds flavoured our breaths dreambarlike. but the selfie is more exciting.

no judgement but what the fuck. I think about this stuff all the time: the #dreadarrogance! of the mes and yous. well because~

oh the banana that grows and changes and is eaten or rots and dies exists together with the wavelike motion of #her loving dance-as-universe, but what does a adult man care about a banana? fortunately, it difference to it, hanging there being yellow~

but a solidgold is different. wow are wars fought over solidgolds. it’s so shiny and heavy like the goddamn ring of power we all wants it so bad. it’s worth like sevenhundred grand this thing.

but we can’t eat it. it doesn’t hug back. it is an unnatural thing, in the sense it doesn’t rotate normally in the wheel of change. it’s value is really an illusion. our illusion. a delerium fantasy that inspired only greed and strife. it is inspiring as a work of art, but so is a regular banana! and those have friends especially when full of ants or danglin’ from a gorilla’s meaty hand. and thus is the solidgold sad.

man what am I even talking about but you know what I mean you are a smart person:
~there is no such thing as outer richness, there is only inner richness.

mostly I just wanted to post this sunset picture for you. it’s so beautiful ❤