dreaming of ink


when the lotus man was young, he was a handsome, wealthy prince. he had it all. money, fame, a big wang, ten crowns, fourteen palaces, and hundreds of slutty harem girls from all over the world, begging to bring him all the nice naughty nasty pleasures of life.

(this story is subtly you and me)

what a nice existence! he thought. every day was a golden day full of beautiful scenes, celebrations, organic pasta, heavenlike music, sexxx. xxxxxx. (sigh if only right)

but one day, strolling down a country road, he saw an old man. age! what! we change with time? a bead of sweat formed on his brow.

he kept walking and saw a man vomiting in a ditch, weeping sores covering his body, black toothless gums.when he saw the prince, he smiled and bowed weakly and vomited. the prince pulled his silky braided perfumed hair in distress. sickness!…

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