so after watching the saga again, it turns out R2-D2 is truly the shit! “he” is, well the technical terms is: “a down ass bitch.” very cute. brave, compassionate, and sassy. if you thought of r2 as a girl. she’s the most adorable girl you ever met! “ive never seen such devotion in a Droid before!” so i’ll call her she, as the experiment

a lot of the original trilogy is actually focused on her rolling and beeping around. if you watch it again some time, it could be argued that she is the main character! of course, she’s primarily a supportive role. and what support she is! i mean holy shit~

~she delivers the message to obi-wan kenobi, and was willing to roll out into the Tatooine rock desert alone to do so.

~she’s a great holo-chess player, but lets the Wookie win.

~she disables the garbage smasher so the heroes don’t die a horrible death (robot savior x 1)

~she whistles happily when shit is going down haha its adorable.

~she flies with luke in the Death Star battle and gets shot in the face by Lord Vader. and lives! she’s the only one to even live through a Vader attack in the whole damn thing.

~when Luke is lost in the snow, she waits outside the doors with her little sensor dish out, making sad beeps, looking for him.

~she hacks the cloud city computer and opens the door and the heroes escape (robot savior x 2)

~she is the one who gets the fucking hyperdrive working on the Millennium Falcon, which was broken throughout all of episode 5. (robot savior x 3)

~she never asks for thanks, or recognition, nothing. and she makes a hilarious noise when she falls flat on her front panels.

and look! they even make her into a cake!


i imagine there are a lot of R2-D2 enthusiasts out there. so here i am one more.

May The Force be with you. Always!~