pretty hhii right now.

just a thought. chakras are energy systems, based on certain world energies. like: survival energy. sexual energy, power (world mastery) energy, love energy.

they feel like emotions, thoughts, hunger, these energies. I’m getting tired of that word. there are many kittens! in the world and you want seven different types! (seven chakra kitten baskets whirl around #frombottomtotop in your spine.

so! we hunger, for each of these. food because we are hungry, sex because we are horny as fuck, success! money! power! because we want to…dominate? master the world? ah I got it! control.

the third kitten is yellow, and it is about control.

then love, the heart anahata.

then speech, truth, to be heard maybe? and so forth. (this thought is new and under construction so I haven’t related the ajna and sahasrara #thousandpetaledlotusgirl to this yet )

you take in every from the world because they aren’t complete. they lose energy. so you regain it from the world but! men of power, sages knew how to complete chakras. make them their own energy source! this is key.

for example!: svadisthana: sex chakra. you fuck girls or boys to fill that need. but! if you become your own sexual object, you find all the sexual loveliness you need in you, and generate your own energy. this leads to endless orgasmic and cosmic peace.

or how about muladhara? power chakra? fed by the material successes: wealth, prestige, sport victories, battle victories, dominance, gold, kingdoms, possession of many beautiful womens and things. ultimately, it’s all about I control things. I get what I want, they do what I want.

but! if you learn that all you want to control is you, all that running around falls away. and you are fulfilled from within. you know that all control is an illusion. you can control exactly one thing: you. our experience is 1% things happen, 99% how do I react?

this is the world. wow what a relief to let go! of all the busy feeding and feedings of the hungry chakra hippos! feed them from within: then!~

roll the ten thousand things up into one, leap into the sky with a great booming laugh and never come back down. you don’t have to anymore! +1 ❤

❤ ❤