sigh it’s true this world is so connected now. our world seems bigger, but also smaller. something like sadness and worry hit me, when I think of how small businesses just keep dying out.

every business looks sad and dying because of, Walmart, costco, ebay, ross. things like that. all my music stores have died. only one bookstore is left. it hurts.

people can’t be as brave with little businesses anymore, competing with the bigs burns out most. there they go. once. there was a huge martial arts store, owned by an old Asian couple. it’s awesome. hundreds of weapons and trophies on the wall. sparring gear, on people sparring,n a ring, rung with people cheering. shining. full of martial energy, fun. 20 years of this. and now~

it’s a storage container. you call the old lady and she comes from home, unlocks the elevator, you ride up with her. she rolls up the door and it’s a closet of a few cheap things. some random gis. a crappy Tai Chi sword, old shirts of Morihei, not even a single wooden sword. the old man walks in, sits down behind a register, dim and hedged in by little cardboard boxes, and says nothing, looks down. the wife says nothin, just a half hearted smile and a little gesture.

sigh. well shit all over me. i bought a plastic sword because my heart hurt.

turns out it’s a pretty good sword though!

the thing is, times change. now is still an age anyone can strike it unique, strike it brave, and strike it rich. but it’s about youtube, or personal vision like tree house masters, or highly new and unusual writing maybe.

maybe. but with all the worlds eyes watching, all the world wallets at your grasp, the approach must be different now. but the rewards are holy shit.


we must all go deeper. it can’t just be a little store here and there. the opportunity is there. it just called for our very best. our deepest love. like treehouse masters! or facebook, or the guy who builds yachts for billionaires.

it calls for a very unique idea. and a lot of work. but all the happinesses of the world still wait! on an ever greater scale! it just takes more!

yeah. it just takes more. this is inspiring me haha ha weird~

for example. maybe.