the truth about civilization is it’s a waste of time. indeed, everything in existense is real, but shallow, lesser; it is a lesser life for a human to live as an animal, enslaved like a dog to the instinct drives:

survival, sex, and power/mastery.

these are the forces that drive man. civilization is nothing; man creates civilization from within, thus it is a reflection of himself, and he is bound to the #drives!

the three instinct drives shape everything about the human world. and yet the destiny of man is a spiritual destiny, and no one even knows what the fuck that means anymore.

certainly! ~it is totally unknown today, the true infinite power of man, and our deep nature/fate as the eternal presense, abiding in stillness/bliss beyond #all~

we have settled for a lesser existense. we have settled for the life of an animal! animals are wonderful beings of innocence, but a human is no longer a mere animal, no longer innocent. we are primarily spiritual, and that is different. 

and yet! all we do is fuck and eat and compete against one another. our and governments and buildings are facilities for trading lust for money, money for violence, violence for comfort. the pleasures of life are intoxicating. often the more brutal, the better.

but the desire for these is bottomless; the hunger for sex is bottomless. the hunger for food is bottomless. no matter how much power you have, it’s never enough, not if power is your game.

the instinct drives are false things, and our civilization, all civilizations, are creations of these false things. money and wealth, girls and sex, great honor, you might eat them now and be satisfied. but very soon, you’ll want more. the hunger is forever.

so the glories of the world are not for us.

man is a spiritual being, and so for us love is the satisfying energy. it is the only thing for us, for it extinguishes the raging fires of need.

forget about money. forget about girls. forget about success, glory, wealth! keep going for eternal life.

they seem so real! even now, you don’t believe it, and I don’t even believe it because girls are sexy as fuck~

but you might as well give up on the world. the joy is fleeting,  achievements mean nothing because they can fade; if you win now you might lose later; glory is made out of air.

it is love that is real, and it is death that is the door. life’s riches are ashes. they are. 

her little fingers curl and bliss knocks, and fear echoes through the soul. but it’s just the noise of the #door, so open it. don’t worry, death is not the enemy.