when it comes to solving the world’s problems, the debates, the arguments, the salvos of opinions back and forth are irrelevant. the confusion and the #strife can be solved, but not through argumentation. governments, poverty, war, weakness, fear; we suffer through them, and search for some ultimate solution, but there is no such thing. the world cannot be saved, not the way we try. the salvation of earth must come from a deeper place, and that deeper place is you.

all the worlds problems can be solved by you; the elixir is to be found within your heart and poured forth. understanding that the galaxy is a place of absolute bliss and power, and is ultimately a manifestation of the cosmic form of your own soul, this is worth doing, and this understanding is how one saves the world.

know that your consciousness powers all the stars and light and beauty of the multiverse. this is what sages call self-realization; going beyond words and logic, piercing the illusion of the original duality, you and god. you and god are not separate beings. the separation is a grand illusion, its a lie. you are god dreaming you are a boy; you are god dreaming you are a girl.

man and god is ultimately the initiation of the subject/object relationship, and all other separations follow: matter and void, light and dark, creation and destruction.

but! all this cosmic creation//dissolution of the shiva dance has rolled down from the transcendent realm beyond time and space. man and god both come from the realm of incomprehensible mystery, beyond the concepts of being and non-being, utterly untouchable by words.

and this thing, this energy, this substance, that’s you. its nature is made of love; its what you encounter whenever you’re happy, whenever you feel loved, that’s resonance with your nature; we chance upon it through good fortune in this dual, animalistic sea-of-blood existence of being a man, but thats not the same. you can get lucky and be happy here, for a period, but its nothing compared to awakening to your deep nature.

that is why it is unimportant to fix the world. it is absolutely worth doing if you’re looking after what you love while you attempt to fix it, but there’s a problem with that: logically, that would make love more important than the universe. but that’s not a problem at all; that is correct.