I find people extremely interesting, because when you watch them, you can both observe their personalities, as well as their effect on one another. A good example is Joe Rogan, the podcaster fight-caller extraordinaire. Amazing guy, thus he is intimidating for some, usually smaller, weaker-looking men, like vegetarian cartoonists. Others, like Brenden Schaub or Joey Diaz, they are not intimidated by him. It is a subtle layer of human interaction, it sits invisibly upon the overt interactions of people, but it is so insightful! Because people don’t want to show weakness or fear because then you can know what they’re really thinking. There is an authenticity to a terrified person, yes? So, if you’re aware of  and practiced in watching the contested air between people, a trove of clandestine information is available to you. A trove! Most people are not nearly as brave as they pretend to be, including myself.

This is readily observable in many of his podcasts. He is a jacked, tattooed, fight commentator who loves the arena of debate — he calls it discourse — and is a black-belt martial artist. And he’s a millionaire. To talk to someone like that, while being listened to by millions of people, would be daunting for practically anyone. Its very understandable; its not judgement — I’d be a goddamn nervous wreck — but he does intimidate people, even other quite famous people wilt a little. Not Carlos Condit, but potentially some Dilbert-looking independent filmmaker is less comfortable than he thought he’d be. Not anyone’s fault, just fun to observe.

People are especially fascinating things in reality, because as you learn about a person you indirectly learn about yourself.

Dominick Cruz is a very different person than Donald Cerrone. They’re both very successful, skilled fighters, but they’re so different, as people. Dominick, for as peaceful as he talks — and so accurate on his explanation of the ego — he’s keyed up, he has an edgy competitiveness to him that Cerrone doesn’t have. Cerrone is a mellow dude, like many fighters; he would be very difficult to intimidate.

Maybe it’s presumptuous to assume I know anything from just watching a person for a few hours, that is fair. But I contend more can be gleaned from just a few moments with/watching someone than is generally believed. You can actually learn a tremendosity — a ultimate hyper-secret of a person’s life from just one act! In the blink of an eye, you can know the soul.