so this girl applied for a job at my work today. she was 17, pale, overweight, and had short, butchy hair poorly-dyed green. on top of that, once I saw her application (the first half a page she filled out before she gave up) I also realized she couldn’t spell at all. I mean at all, like terrible. President spelled presdedent. McDonalds — where she currently works — spelt with an “e”. McDonalde’s. Toward spelled torwd. TORWD. that doesn’t even LOOK like a real word. this poor fucking girl. and she’s on anti-depressants. which could potentially explain the bad spelling, but not the bad hair-dye.

so I saw her and I thought, goddamn it~ society and culture have completely failed that girl. she’s 17, out in the world, can’t write, unattractive, on medication; she had a pretty face but it was consumed by her lazy, fearful lifestyle. she is what our corrupted culture has made. she is a creation of the liberal utopia: genderless, unskilled, weak, and medicated. that is EXACTLY a Hillary voter, a zombie created by Hillary and the globalist #crones, a being robbed of independent spirit and self-belief. I know how dangerous and present hey are, but it was heart-breaking to see their actual effect on a person, a victim, a fellow American, a girl.

so I’ve been thinking maybe I should steal her number off the sheet and maybe just chat with her a bit. like, see if I can gauge where her heads at, and maybe I can help. I see a poor soul crying out. I mean she’s on fucking MEDICATION, writing TORWD, and she’s 17! like 17 year olds can be so fucking goddamn hot its illegal; she could be an absolute, knock-out, sexy meteor MONSTER but she’s been killed, crushed, SLAIN by our shitty culture. she has been warped by the greed of man. i might be able to help her.

shit though. I mean, that’s years of lies and damage piled on top. what could I possibly say?

me: I think you’re confused. I think you’re a good person, and you will be successful. but you seem quite lost. she’d probably admit it.

so I know I sound presumptuous, but I’d like to tell you whats wrong with your life. culture has totally destroyed the feminine beauty and energy. its different than a man, its sexier, softer, rounder, more delicate and flower-like, but made of fire, the same fire that fuels the astonishing power of a male. we share spirits, thus we share the #fire.

it is expressed differently, the infinite soul, by male and female. they are equal and wondrous, like the #earth by night is just as lovely and strange as the #earth by day. it is sad that the feminine mystery and form is not properly celebrated by our culture. feeling your inner sexy vixen Jessica Rabbit should be celebrated! if you feel her inside, that’s great! girls are fucking HOTTEST things in the universe, beyond even the brightcenter supernova supercluster.

someone took that from her, and confused her, and made her feel like women must look a little squat and thuggish like men. so she cut her hair short, and slouches around like a pale freckled gorilla. WHY! goddamn it she should be a world-ender, the young dimepiece, every man’s fantasy, every girl’s fantasy; an absolute 11. she could look like this:


but she doesn’t. she looked like a 13 overweight boy with a girly chin who needs more sun.and that is our failure as earthlings sailing the earth mothership. we sail it together whether we like it or not, and we are letting this girl down. someone took her innate ideas of her own beauty, her inner #jessicarabbit, and replaced them with an utter confusion that leads to weakness and misery. I want to help people like her, because I’m somewhat responsible; all my years of being an asshole, drinking surge, listening to MTV, I consented to the society that chewed up and spit out this poor 17-year old #shethegirl #shethelord.

so maybe ill break some minor labor law and steal her number off the sheet, and call her up and see if she want to eat sushi and talk while I drink hot sake. At the least I gotta see if she spells my name BRAIN. ha! she won’t be the first, or even the tenth. ❤