dreaming of ink

watching the latest Joe rogan podcast, the physicist.:

i’m trying really hard not to be a arrogant cuntface here, but these goddamn scientist cranks are fucking asking for it. seriously, this pencilneck has confrontationally brought religion TWICE during his rambly, self-important monologues on his glossolalia mathetmatics. he is seeking the fight, hes picking it out, because probably he was a miserable little kid that all the handsome christian jock stars picked on, teased him about beakers and shit. he has damage from a life where science is slept on, and religion embraced. and so this is his victory, his great conquering of jerusalem, the gauge symmetry theory — which really just sounds like a poor man’s way of saying nature is smarter than man, and you know exactly WHY BECAUSE GOD

tbh tho, hes a nice appreciative man. his love of science is what makes it great that he does…

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