the left vs right political philosophies have been engaged in a culture war for centuries. they diverge on a multitude of issues, but there is just one fundamental different between the right and left that causes the division: the individual vs. the collective. The  left is internally oriented; the right, externally oriented; the left places the emphasis on the individual, the right on the collective. both are correct to value their core principle, and through the philosophical metamorphoses brought on by protected free speech, the main philosophical struggle about being a human have become polarized to the point of being mutually exclusive.

the wings of thought have a central goal: they are attempting to creating the lasting, happy civilization. the left and right both have the welfare, strength, and freedom of mankind in mind and heart.

the right is the mathematician, the industrialist, the scientist, the statistician. its about numbers, and weight, and distance. the concern is the science of existence, and thus their perspective is very accurate. like, they know what government is best because of research and facts. ththat is the emphasis of the entire philosophy: what actually WORKS in the world, thats what we will do. its practical, its effective; nothing is more powerful at shaping the world that the philosophy of the right: use numbers and science to properly steer civilization. The Aristotles of the world.

the left is the artist, the dancer, the recluse, the voice of eternity, and ironically the philosopher is left. they go inward, put an emphasis on uniqueness and individuality as more important than the collective. these are the world-breakers, who delve courageously into the ether of their own soul and return with a powerful new slant on life, on existence, on god. the real artists, and the real thinkers, the ones who break preconceptions and liberate the minds of man from the conformity and industry of inexorable logic.

both are essential! both are correct! they absolutely clash, and once you understand the nature of the soul, the apparent paradox of philosophies is easy to explain.

for how can right wing be right? how can left wing be right? how can either one be right? you made a bird! you’re a bird. you’re the middle. this is a good example of the poetic universe.

in the political arena, it is generally right-wing thinking that is most effective and realistic for a country. however, its important to keep in mind right-wing can go too far: the Galactic Empire was right-wing, after all. They turned human beings into a machine of the state; and although it was effective, it was brutal, mechanistic, suppressing the art, culture, and freedom of its people.

and thus the rebels appeared, those who stood for individuality, freedom, justice, fairness, equality. when the system of man enslaves man to his own logic, rebels armed with the ever-new light of the soul, appear to reclaim freedom for humanity. this is the waltz eternal. this struggle goes on and never ends because of ignorance.

however! a civilization run by absolute left-wing, individualist people leads to another kind of destruction, and we are seeing it today. identity politics, basically they throw then ENTIRE statistical and practical analysis of the world used by right-wing philosophy, and proclaim everything is relative: there is no good or bad, or ugly or beautiful, its all the same. i’m an individual, im perfect and lovely no matter who i am. this is true, but it can go too far; it can become an excuse to be lazy, and weak, and fat; its an excuse to never try. the problem is, they exist in the world, and the world has a motion, an march, an inexorability that you must move with or be destroyed, one way or another.

the freedom for the individual is important, but the freedom to be fat and lazy and stupid? and not work? and live off others? I don’t think so. you can’t do that, because every animal on earth all must work to survive, and that is our nature also. not only is it unfair on the world to be so leech-minded, but its unfair to the person too; lazy ugly people are always unhappy, bitter, scared. who wants to be that? the alpha made himself the alpha male; it was effort, it was a struggle, but he made it happen. if it wasn’t for the strength in his soul, his self-belief, he’d still be a little, childless cuck, sitting in the jungle flowers, peeling bananas.

ironically, the left, being more concerned with the nature of the soul, are the powerful ones. the soul is the source of all strength, all power in the universe.

somewhere in the middle is best, and that is why today there is a rise in the libertarian movement. a libertarian is much the middle road philosophy, small government, self-effort, capitalism, but freedom in personal life: be gay, be a tranny, who cares, just work and pay your taxes and don’t kill people.

the alpha male gorilla is a good example of a libertarian. he had to fight hard, tooth and nail, to be the big strong gorilla at the top, so he knows of hard work, but also about trust in his inner strength. he is realistic in the way he applies his strength, using what works (right), but the source of his power was himself (left). thus, he impregnates all the females, and isn’t that what all of this is about? IMPREGNATE THE FEMALES!

that’s the one. the man is protector, the woman is the world worth protecting. but we’ll get into that next time~