to understand the cosmic and original motivation of man is easy. not only it is easy, but it is also so helpful, and powerful; what if you knew, deep down, what drove every human being alive? from their manifested facade-personality, you could deduce the entire architecture of their desire-system. what power! what domination and control that gives you, even over yourself; most importantly over yourself. controlling others, whether for their benefit or not, is always tyranny.

whatever you do with it, the knowledge of the single, protogalactic motive of man is world-altering magic; one of the most powerful truths that man can know. and so few know! although this incredible insight has been expressed by wise men, ninjas, and visiting space-mermaids for millennia, it is hard to understand for the average mortal man, because he is already caught in it! the net of life has you like a fish! thrash but the waves won’t come to save you, you must grow teeth sever the ropes yourself~

but I have it for you. I know the original motivation of man. and although right now I’m broke, living in a toolshed, with arrhythmia, i am worlds beyond my old self. I am a far superior human to whom I was. I have evolved like the snake who coils gossamer around himself, sleeps for a million years, and awakens as a pterodactyl. that’s how different I feel, how much stronger, dynamic, sensitive, dinosauric. I know it has helped me, and I know it will help you too! so here it is, snake. become the pterodactyl.

the motivation of man is hunger. our bodies are hungry bodies, and they crave three things. these three things move empires into war, advance technology and exploration, destroy ecosystems, break hearts; nearly the entire breadth of human civilization is the sole creation of the Three Hungers of Man:

Hunger #1: Survival.