i am irritated with the world, and just how full of lies our current culture is.

i’ve listened to the adults of this civilization long enough. and by adults, i mean the agents and systems of authority: schools, governments, elders, parents, scientists, religions. enough. they cannot be trusted. there is never a time when one can trust the world’s governments and organizations more than yourself. you’re the ONLY thing in the world you can trust.

we’d all love to trust our parents, and our friends, and tv, but that is a mistake. even if they mean well, and love you, they might still mislead you; they might be proud, or misinformed, because the world has also lied to them, as it lied to their parents, and their parents before them.

this is why as people get older they get skeptical, and come into possession of a healthy suspicion-wisdom. it is proper to be suspicious. this world is dangerous, not just for humans, but for all life. animals have a fucking ROUGH time out there. mother deer have to watch their babies be eaten alive right in front of them by hungry, ambushing grizzlies ALL THE TIME. children are eaten alive every single second, of every day, by the hundreds and hundreds of thousands. the human world is more civil, and we aspire to create peace, but the violence and sadness of the world is the world’s very nature.

noting to worry about though! don’t get too caught up in it. it cannot be avoided. Buddha calls it Samsara, the World of Fire. it burns us. its lovely, and tastes amazing, and is sexy and fun, but it also burns, and hurts, and it always will. always be suspicious of anyone who tries to convince you that they can make the world more pleasant, more peaceful, or easier for you. “your life doesn’t have to be hard,” they say. “go here, so this, buy that, and it will all be better.” ah but they are lying to you, for life IS hard, unavoidably, eternally difficult. “life is pain. anyone who says otherwise is selling something.” —the Dread Pirate Roberts.

comfort, security, a less frightening reality are all highly sought commodities of the human race. thats understandable; who wants a miserable and traumatic life? so people, institutions, religions, governments, throughout all of time, have sold stories of protections, elixirs, utopias, and panaceas to the huddled scared masses in exchange for their obedience. they comfort you, with drugs with propaganda of peaceful, righteous perfect countries, and in return you surrender both your freedom and your trust in your own judgement.

the only person that can make the world less brutal is yourself. you’re the only one. EVEN IF the government, or your parents, or whomever really wants to help you, they will fail if you don’t cultivate your own strength, if your don’t enhance the powers of your own mind and heart, through accepting and embracing the #struggle that is the very nature of being alive. every single animal on earth struggles and toils and sweats and bleeds and struggles, but thats they way it should be! how much fun is an easy game? we inherently crave a challenge; the storm god makes the thunder and the deadly high seas just for you. he is deadly, but he smiles on you, for he knows you can overcome them; you and god want the same thing: for you to be strong, and know it. upon each bolt of lightning that smashes man, it is written:

“the crucible is for silver, the furnace is for gold, and the lord trieth the heart.” (proverbs 17:3)