dedicated to the #truth and the lost art of happiness.

hi my name is brian!


hi. my name is brian! i am 30, i live in hawaii. i am a scorpio, and i know it. I’m crazy as fuck, jealous, possessive, unforgiving, judgmental, grudging like a dwarf, arrogant like an elf, short like a hobbit. sigh. full of negative energy patterns, but i’m working on it. towards the #eagle side of me, until i burn to nothing and #phoenix. one day, maybe.

i practice reiki, and meditation, yoga, capoeira. healing and spiritual expression drives me. i think it is my bliss, but I’m not sure.

i like to read (these days mostly spiritual texts (hindu upanishad whatevers the bible the chuang tzu lao tzu sun tzu and a personal favorite: the demon’s sermon on the martial arts)) and write on this blog.

I write things about god and reality and the magic golden fabric, the vibrant vibrating divine machine of fluid forms and nothing//all. thank you for being alive.

it’s about happiness, it’s about empowerment, making you laugh, accepting you and loving you always, wherever you go, whatever you do.

in each step, i carry all of you with me. for a flower cannot be by itself alone. you and i are within indra’s net of gems. each one of us is connected to all of us. as we heal and support each other, we heal and support ourselves.

forgiveness is hard for me, humility is hard for me. but i love you and myself, for we are #she, the one being of radiance beyond thought and reality. aren’t we! what good news! fuck. yeah. ;D ;D

and ultimately, it is about truth. after turning 30, i feel the golden blood of the paladin in me, flowing bright and glowing. the world is worth saving, and it is in tremendous shadow-danger; the claws of the VAMPIREARCHY seek to destroy all our freedoms and enslave humanity itself. bitches.

ah but worry not! they will not succeed; they will not survive me. ❤


follow me on twitter @thedoorofbliss! ❤ i’m entertaining and mind-blowing, 100% guaranteed. 😉


4 thoughts on “hi my name is brian!

  1. I love this blog. I stumbled over one of your comments on a website about panick attacks etc.. and loved what you said.
    U luckily posted you blog address… so i had to check it out.
    Am loving it. The way you describe yourself is like the exact same as i would have described myself, so made me giggle a bit.
    I’ll keep reading. Keep it up xxx

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